Jonathan Phillips

Rich jerk who can talk himself into and out of anything.


Tall blonde man who always keeps his hair tied back in a low ponytail. He is fairly skinny and is not very muscular, but he is very quick and he always has a small smile on his face.


Son of wealthy plantation owners. His parents were fans of parties and drinking and often left Jonathan and his sister Lisa to fend for themselves while they spent the night, and vast sums of money, on the town. Eventually Jonathan’s parents laid back lifestyle caught up to them and much of the family’s wealth was squandered away. They met there ends to a house fire that started in the midst of a drunken revelry. Most party goers and the two Philips children escaped the blaze, but Jonathan’s parents perished in it.

Jonathan used what little money the family had left to put himself through university while at the same time trying to rebuild his family’s bankrupt tobacco plantation.

Over the next decade Jonathan was able to receive a Masters Degree in business and return his plantation to a very high level of wealth. As such he thinks very highly of himself and despises those who will not help themselves.

These days he works to spread the plantation’s income as well as put his younger sister through university, a rarity in this time period. He also keeps up with his fencing as in University he probably would have won nationals if the War hadn’t started.

Jonathan Phillips

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