h1.Oddities of the 1870’s

In the chaos of war emerged a dream. Most, dreamed of a United States that could put the horrible atrocities of war behind them. The North had won, and reaped the spoils of their victory. In the Southern states, the rebuilding slowly began. For awhile, all seemed to be well. Civilians got back to their lives. Soldiers tried to make new lives for themselves and their families. But worrisome winds blow through the nation, as a group calling themselves the Native Sons begins to gather a strong following. A group of hunters, banded together through sheer circumstance, strike out at the growing movement, as shadows lurking behind the scenes seem much darker than they originally appeared.

In Raleigh, NC, the group has managed to deal a crippling blow to the Sons. Far from deterred, Dominic threatens to kill every last person responsible for this attack. It seems like a new war is brewing, and it may not be as civil as everyone hoped.

Oddities of the 1870's

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